GDST in Government

The non-profit GDST Foundation is a Resource for International Governmental Organizations (IGOs), National Governments and Regulatory Agencies.

Encouraging mutual understanding, communication, and collaboration for universal seafood industry adoption of interoperable digital traceability (as envisioned in the GDST Standard) is the primary mission of the GDST Foundation. To that end, the GDST Foundation works actively toward alignment with International Governmental Organizations (IGOs) and is an ardent supporter of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) because of its consistent advocacy for interoperable digital traceability in seafood. As a founding member of the MetaCoalition and collaborator with both the EU and Japan Anti-IUU coalitions, the GDST regularly provides written feedback and direct engagement regarding regulatory initiatives related to seafood issues around the world (particularly anti-IUU).


The GDST Foundation also engages regularly with national government officials and regulators (both directly and in collaboration with other Non-Governmental Organizations) regarding traceability questions/considerations. In support of these goals, GDST Foundation facilitates complementary access to qualified Government agencies for its Capability Test and Completeness Tool, to support their development of data collection platform that are in alignment with regulatory requirements.  If you are an IGO, Government representative or regulator who would like to collaborate with the GDST Foundation or simply learn more about the Standard and our tests/tools, please email for more information.

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